Welcome to Clouduboy


Clouduboy is a free & open-source connected Arduboy Game Editor + Arduino IDE for your browser.

Clouduboy is still in beta!

If you have a beta key, you can type it here:

Don't have a beta key?

You can sign up for updates by filling out this typeform or by following Clouduboy on Twitter. If you just cannot wait until Clouduboy goes live, and your are interested in helping us with the beta testing, drop us a tweet! ;)

Note: Clouduboy is free & open-source. Once it goes live you can use Clouduboy (or its source) free of charge, contribute, fork, hack, whatever you like.
In the meantime, stay tuned & thank you for your patience!

PS: you'll need to have cookies enabled for the beta (and Clouduboy) to work.